Maa Steel Technology - The biggest Industrial Exhaust Fan Manufacturer & Importer in Bangladesh ( 01925769774 ). Our company has advanced producing equipment’s and expert technical force. We have a large number of customers all over the country. Our main product is Industrial Exhaust Fan, Industrial Heavy Duty Fan, Axial & Axial Fan, Evaporative Cooling Pad, Roof Mounted Ventilation, Natural Turbine Ventilation and Centrifugal System Exhaust Fan. The products are all energy saving, smooth operation, low noise, stable performance solid and durable with elegant appearance. Products are widely used in the Textile, Chemical, Pharmaceutical and all kinds of Industry or Store. MST always committed to highly provide service for Customer. We provide best quality, first-rate and all time customer service.

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Roof Fan

Purchase Non-Power Roof Fan in Low Cost from Maa Steel Tech

Maa Steel Technology is selling the high-quality level Non-power Roof Fan in any district of Bangladesh. Just start buying from any branch.


MST series Non-power roof fan Description: Soffit and housetop vapor vents shield your home from the improvement of unreasonable warmth in your space; yet now and again unapproachable air ventilation is deficient. A constrain helped housetop vent uses an automated fan to deplete hot let some course into of your second story room, keeping your home cooler and drier while diminishing potential issues, for instance, ruin, shape, and ice dams.

Items Highlights:

MST Arrangement Non-control rooftop debilitate fan is a characteristic ventilator fan, the capacity is when there is a distinction in warm or twist weight between within and outside of the building which drives the air to travel through the opening of the ventilator fan. It has four sorts: 201Stainless steel type, 304 Stainless steel type, 430 Stainless steel sort and painted steel plate sort. Simple establishment, no commotion, no vitality cost. It is broadly utilized for workshop, distribution center, green room, building, and so on.

Blade quantity
Turbine diameter
Air vent diameter

Net height
Net weight
Packing size
MST-500 28 630 500 500 4.6 630×630×500
MST-600 34 800 600 650 5.8 800×800×650

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