Color steel coils(18G-30G)


**Organic coating
**Plastic film
**Pressing on the surface of the galvanized plate,
**Cold-rolled plate & aluminum plate,
**New types of metallurgical products.
**Light qualitative & beautiful look **Good anti-corrosion performance,
**Color – white, blue, red.
*Advertising industry,
*Building construction industry, *Household appliance industry, *Electric appliance industry, *Furniture industry etc.
*Cattle Farm

Advanced use:-
The color-coated steel coil is a new construction material that is growing rapidly all over the world in recent years. It is on a continuous set of chemical processes, after coating and painting, and comes into final products. The painting quality is more well-distributed, more stable, and more ideal than painting directly on a single metal structural surface.


0.12-1.2 mm(30g-14g)


620-1500mm( as requires)

Coating level

AZ30-AZ160, Z50-Z140

A: Us:1.Payment terms: 100% payment.
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