Best Centrifugal Exhaust Fan in Ma Steel Tech

The Centrifugal Exhaust has become very popular for its amazing features. The Radial Rooftop Fumes Fans incorporate both direct and belt-driven fans within reverse slanted diffusive wheels. The fans highlight twofold studded isolators for genuine vibration detachment. The fans are a down blast arrangement and are suitable for rooftop-mounted applications debilitating moderately clean air. Find no 1 Centrifugal Exhaust Fan suppliers in Bangladesh (BD). You can know the Centrifugal Exhaust Fan price in Bangladesh. Here I have described below about the features.

MST Centrifugal Exhaust Fan Description:

Products Features:

1) Centrifugal system: made of high-quality nylon, high intensity, and long service life.

2) Nylon oriented pole: made of stainless steel, fixed on the flange which can avoid distortion of nylon and guarantee total concentricity of front and back bearing.

3) Adopt one-off molded stainless steel blades, no distortion, no broken, attractive, and durable. Pass the homeostasis test to ensure smooth operation, low noise, and long service life.

4) Handles: designed as recessed type, easy for carrying, transport, and have no effect on installation and outlook.

5) High efficient and energy-saving motor with a CCC certificate. Protection class: IP55, Insulation class: F.

Model specifications Diameter blades- mm Blades rotational speed- rpm Motor rotational speed- rpm Airflow m3/h Total pressure-Pa Noise decibels Import power- W Rated voltage- V High mm Width mm Thick mm
MST(d)-1000 900 438 1400 35000 57 ≤65 750 380 1000 1000 450
MST(d)-1100 1000 438 1400 38000 57 ≤65 750 380 1100 1100 450
MST(d)-1380 1250 437 1400 40000 57 ≤65 1100 380 1380 1380 450

So, now it is very clear to us that how much important or necessary is Centrifugal Roof Exhaust Fan. You can easily buy Centrifugal Roof Exhaust Fan from any branch of Maa Steel Technology Company in Bangladesh. Know the Centrifugal Exhaust Fan price in Dhaka.


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