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Borobari Show Room

Kunia, Borobari (North side of Zom Zom pump) Gazipur City Dhaka. Cell Us: +8801925769774 +8801708888895

Asulia Show Room

Azgor Bapari Market, Tongabari, Asulia Savar-Dhaka. Contact Number: +8801925 769 774 +8801708888895

Nawabpur Show Room

Al Karim electric Market, 1st Floor, Shop No-03, Nawabpur Road 162, Dhaka- 1100 Cell Us: +8801925769774 +8801708888895

Madobdhi Show Room

Jaman Market (Besides Madhobdi thana), Birampur, Narshingdi. Contact Number: +8801925 769 774 +8801708888895

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