Non Power Rooftop Natural Ventilation Fan

MST series Non-power roof fan Description:

Soffit and rooftop fumes vents shield your home from the development of inordinate warmth in your loft, yet in some cases aloof air ventilation is insufficient. A force-helped rooftop vent utilizes a mechanized fan to drain hot and let some circulation into your upper room, keeping your home cooler and drier while decreasing potential issues, for example, spoil, form, and ice dams.

Non-Power Roof Fan is a very important and vital product. It has been a very necessary product now. You can buy 100% of the original products from Maa Steel Technology. Find no 1 Non-Power Roof Fan suppliers in Bangladesh (BD). You can also easily know the Non-Power Roof Fan price in Bangladesh. Here, I have described some features.

Product Features: The 
MST Series Non-power roof exhaust fan is a natural ventilator fan; the function is when there is a difference in thermal or wind pressure between the inside and outside of the building which forces the air to move through the opening of the ventilator fan. It has four types: 201 stainless steel type, 304 Stainless steel type, and 430 Stainless steel type and painted steel plate type. Easy installation, no noise, no energy cost. It is widely used for workshops, warehouses, green rooms, buildings, etc.

Blade quantity
Turbine diameter
Air vent diameter

Net height
Net weight
Packing size
MST-500 28 630 500 500 4.6 630×630×500
MST-600 34 800 600 650 5.8 800×800×650

After all, we may understand that a Non-power Roof Fan is much needed for any company or house. So, buy this product from the famous and popular company Maa Steel Technology in Dhaka. Know the Non-Power Roof Fan price in Dhaka.


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